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Are you in a CRISIS, feeling HOPELESS, HELPLESS,

Rebecca says, "I have successfully gone through many, many situations--some were long lasting, others were short-term, some were of my own choice and others were not. My journey has led to deep spiritual awareness which is wonderfully balanced by practical applications. This unique blend of rational and intuitive gifts allows me to masterfully guide my clients through the chaos, confusion and stress of challenging life situations. I didn't have the support I needed when I experienced my own crisis, which is why this work is so important for me to offer to you."
Here's what one client, Jim Alvino, has to say about Rebecca's Crisis Coaching:

Rebecca Hanson is a remarkable woman, an amazing healer and empath who saw me through an emotional and energetic crisis during a period of about 6 months as my dad was experiencing his own life crisis - open heart surgery at age 90 to replace or fix all three valves. I never realized what a drain this experience would be on me and my energy. The demands often felt overwhelming and unbearable, but Rebecca was there for me always as she had and, I believe, continues to experience something similar with her own father.

Rebecca has a gift of being able to tune into someone's emotional and energetic states even from a distance. Often during bouts with despair or depression I would receive a consoling email from her, or a reassuring phone call or voicemail just to let me know I was loved and supported. I think she is a rare human being for her genuine capacity to connect with you, care about you, and guide you to a place of calm reflection and understanding. She is a great listener with profound insights that inspired confidence in me to deal with everything going on both on the inside as well as the outside, including not beating myself up for feeling I wasn't being a "good enough" son.

One powerful tool she uses is her Emotional Scale, which helped me become aware of the energetic frequencies associated with the emotions I was experiencing. For me it was illuminating to see where I was on the scale compared to where I desire to be, and this has a very calming effect on me. Rebecca is a strong, warm, loving human being whom I'm honored to call my friend. One of the miraculous things in life, I find, is how just the right people appear in your life at just the right time.

It gives me an uncanny feeling to know that Rebecca and I attracted each other into our respective lives to interact at multiple levels of being, one of which was for me to experience the grace of her healing power - and she in turn got to fulfill this aspect of her purpose and calling in life.

Rebecca is an extraordinary Crisis Coach. It's one of those things you hope you never have a need for - but you will. And when you do - remember her. I will, as I do now with love and gratitude. ~ Jim Alvino in California, USA

Another client, Lorna Mochinski, of Vancouver Canada, wrote:

My husband was in the process of dying and due to a family issue I needed to have peace and serenity. Rebecca was the biggest help I could ever have received from anyone - anywhere! She truly was a gift from God with her coaching and counselling at a time when I need it most. I was able, with her help and guidance, to handle the situation with grace.

Rebecca gave me greater insight to the situation that I alone would not have been able to see. She gave me tools to work with along with a greater understanding of where this was all coming i.e a mental-emotional level. She was also very empathetic and compassionate in her guidance and choice of words that really helped me with my own issues giving me confidence to handle the crisis.

The Emotional Scale tool was most valuable and Rebecca spent a great deal of time explaining how this works so that I could see the issues around all parties involved with the dying process of my husband. Also the Miracle Affirmation was the greatest gift she could have ever given me. It truly brought us all together as a family through one of the most emotional traumatic times I have ever dealt with. I believe with all my heart and soul that without this one amazing tool I would not have handled my husband's death the way I did. I continue to use it whenever I have issues and it has never failed me.

The Miracle Affirmation tool, along with Rebecca's coaching, was truly a life saver for me on all levels.

I would most definitely recommend anyone going through any kind of crisis or trauma to contact Rebecca as her skills far outweigh any other modality. ~ Lorna Mochinski, Vancouver, Canada

These testimonials say it all. Rebecca's coaching is potent. Just a small dose can have a remarkable effect.

Rebecca tells us: "It gives me great joy to work with people going through the most stressful situations. As you can see from the above testimonials, my work is intimate and intuitive. I've helped four family members navigate the health care systems in both Canada and the United States. The paperwork alone can be unnerving! But with guidance and support, you'll be empowered to navigate and advocate on behalf of your loved one. I LOVE IT when miracles happen! Using the Miracle Affirmation that Spirit gave me some years ago, you will attract the most wonderful, loving outcomes to each challenge you face. Why go it alone when you can have me by your side?"

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 How much does Coaching With Rebecca cost?

There are three options:

Option #1: Single-Session Coaching - Need a little help? You decide when and how often you want Coaching with Rebecca. Pay as you go, and only for the time you need. The Fee for each Coaching Session plus one email exchange afterward is $225 US.

Option #2: Short-Term Coaching - Receive two Coaching with Rebecca sessions, two brief chats (if needed) and unlimited email support for $500 US.

Option #3: Crisis Coaching Package - This package contains four coaching sessions with unlimited email and unlimited short "chats" as needed. Rebecca stays tuned-in to you energetically every day. Fee: $1200 US/month. This option can be renewed monthly or you may switch to another option depending on the amount of support you need.

What is included with your coaching session?

You will be given a pre-coaching assignment which consists of two parts:
1) Rebecca asks you to describe the situation you want coaching on and
2) You'll receive a BONUS 1-hour recorded TeleClass: Introduction to the Condensed Emotional ScaleTM- a powerful Law of Attraction Tool that will show you where you are and where you CAN be--quickly.

You can meet Rebecca on SKYPE or you can call her toll free phone number from anywhere in North America.

You will receive 45 to 60 minutes of undivided attention from one of the most highly respected Law of Attraction coach specialists in the world. Rebecca has touched the lives of thousands of people in more than 22 countries.

You will definitely feel 'heard', uplifted and peaceful by the end of the first coaching session. Clarity and new possibilities will come quicker than you ever imagined!

There's no pressure to receive more coaching!  How nice is that?  YOU get to decide when and if you would like more Coaching with Rebecca. And if you would like more coaching, that too can be arranged.

How can we get started?

1. Choose a Coaching Package based on your needs and where you live.

2. After your payment has gone through, you will be taken to the "Thank you" page where you'll be able to

3. Set up the time and date for your first (or next) coaching session and

4. Receive a BONUS! 1 hour recording of the LOA Certified Radio Show called: An Introduction to the NEW Condensed Emotional ScaleTM and print the actual NEW Condensed Emotional Scale while waiting for confirmation from Rebecca.

Coaching With Rebecca begins with your first payment.

You can determine how often you have Coaching with Rebecca.

Your transaction will be confirmed by email.

*By submitting this payment, you are agreeing to Coaching with Rebecca. You understand that coaching does not replace therapy nor does it interfere with medical treatment.

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Option #1

Option #1

USA-International Residents:
1 Session - 45 minutes of Coaching with Rebecca. ONLY $225 US. Your payment will show as coming from the Law of Attraction Training Center.

Canadian Residents: Pay in Canadian funds, so there's no exchange rate. Add 5% GST of $11.25 a total of $236.25 CDN. Your payment will show as coming from Law of Attraction Training Center.

Option #2

Option #2

USA-International Residents:
2 Session - 45 minutes of Coaching with Rebecca. Two chats and unlimited email, ONLY $500 US. Your payment will show as coming from the Law of Attraction Training Center.

Canadian Residents: Pay in Canadian funds, so there's no exchange rate. Add 5% GST of $25 a total of $525 CDN. Your payment will show as coming from Law of Attraction Training Center.

Option #3

Option #3

USA-International Residents:
4 Session - 60 minutes each, unlimited email and brief "chats" of Coaching with Rebecca. Fee: $1,200 /month. Your payment will show as coming from the Law of Attraction Training Center.

Canadian Residents: Pay in Canadian funds,so there's no exchange rate. 4 Session - 60 minutes each, unlimited email and brief "chats" of Coaching with Rebecca. Fee add 5% for GST: $1,260 CDN/month.Your payment will show as coming from the Law of Attraction Training Center.


Meet Rebecca:

Rebecca is the Founder of the Law of Attraction Training Center (2003) and the owner of Telephone Bridge Services (1997). She raised a family of five children, two with Special Needs, found the courage to leave an unhappy marriage, move 2,000 miles to live peacefully near the ocean and start her first business at the age of 51. Today Rebecca lives in Victoria, BC Canada --one of the world's most beautiful locations. She is living proof of how effective the Law of Attraction can be when applied to every-day life and business.

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