My First Encounter with the Law of Attraction
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In 1999, Rebecca Hanson was living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the 'Siberia' of Canada, struggling to find her own identity. Many years earlier, she had given up her career so that her physician husband could have his. With a husband who was seldom at home, she raised five children, two of whom were mentally challenged. After ending the long frustrating marriage, she was faced with finding a way to support herself. Rebecca was ripe for finding a new framework from which to make decisions when she encountered the Law of Attraction. Now she owns three successful businesses, coaches others in how to live their dreams, and lives in a luxury condo in Victoria Canada--one of North America's most sought after cities. If this woman can turn her life around this dramatically, she can help you do so too!

Here is Rebecca's account of her first encounter with the Law of Attraction:

About a year after separating from my husband of almost 30 years, I was considering a business opportunity that seemed like an ideal situation for me and promised to be very lucrative as well. However, I was repeatedly experiencing emotional and physical burnout during the course of my association with this business. I had to admit that something did not feel right. So I took two weeks off from communicating with everyone associated with the business, believing that if I had some space I would figure out how to proceed. But at the end of the two weeks, I felt just as confused as I had been earlier, and did not know whether to go ahead with a partnership. I felt stuck.

I retreated to a nearby resort to try to clear my head. After two days and nights I still had no clear idea of what to do about my situation. I was trying very hard to figure everything out with my rational mind and I was getting nowhere. Finally, in desperation, in the middle of the night I wrote:

I need a new framework, a completely new way of looking at my life and making decisions.

The next morning, I plugged in a cassette tape a newfound friend had sent me. I heard something that became my new framework:

You have within you a God-given vibrational meter that tells you what is good for you and what is not good for you. That vibrational meter is your emotions. If something feels good, then it is good for you. If something does not feel good, then it isn't.

I knew immediately that this business proposal was not good for me, because I did not feel entirely good about it. In fact, I was making myself sick trying to make it feel right when it was not.

What a relief it was to have this new framework from which to make decisions! I had clarity and peace about not proceeding with this business partnership and I immediately wrote out a list of characteristics that I wanted in a business partnership. Within a few days, I met a new business partner who had all the qualities recorded on my "do want list."

What is this mysterious Law of Attraction?  It is a Universal Law that is always in effect, whether you know about it or not, just like the Law of Gravity. This is how it works: We attract whatever we choose to give our attention to--whether wanted or unwanted.

In other words, we become a magnet for whatever we pay attention to. If we pay attention to what we do not like by telling and retelling our sad saga, we will draw to ourselves more sad situations and have even more disasters to talk about. Conversely, if we focus on situations and events that bring us pleasure then we will draw to ourselves more enjoyable situations, people and events.

Once Rebecca understood how the Law of Attraction works, she began paying attention to how different situations felt to her. At first this took a lot of effort on her part. For almost 30 years she had deliberately ignored her feelings so that she could endure a painful relationship. Now, she realizes that her feelings are an inner guidance system given to her as a means of discovering a life of joy, peace, fulfillment and true service to others. "If something feels good to me, it is good for me and everyone around me benefits," says a smiling Rebecca.

Little by little and with deliberate consistency, Rebecca has applied the Law of Attraction to every aspect of her life including her personal relationships, health, business and real estate transactions. Now she is living what was once a forgotten dream.

Since 1999, Rebecca has helped hundreds of people turn their lives and businesses around. Her unique blend of teaching, spiritual gifts and practical application of the Law of Attraction have a quick, powerful and long-lasting effect on eveyone she meets. In 2003, Rebecca founded the Law of Attraction Training Center where she teaches and trains coaches, nurses, social workers, chiropractors--anyone in the helping profession, to become Certified Law of Attraction Coach-Trainers. 

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